Marketing and sales support

When we say marketing of products, we mean across the board care for the product. We take over complete responsibility for your pharmaceutical, including responsibility for sales. We deal with the product on our own account and at our own risk. It is also possible to agree to different models of business cooperation.We can take over care for the registration, analysis of market potential, competitor monitoring, preparation of an optimal marketing and business plan and their execution by the sales team.

In which cases IS IT ADVANTAGEOUS to LEAVE full responsibility for a PRODUCT to us?

  • For an international company that has products suitable for the market, but has no representation in the Czech Republic
  • For a company, which has no time to devote to selected specialties of physicians for which the portfolio should also be
  • For a company, which has its own original drug and generic drug, and its aim is to increase its own share of the market with healthy competition between their products in the way, that they target marketing to other segments and not differentiate it only with a price.

What will we do to MAKE SURE IT IS YOUR PRODUCT THAT is successful?

  • The original approach to creating business strategies
  • Quality sales team
  • Precise control
  • We consistently monitor the sales, which are the best criterion of success


Which companies do we currently represent?

Almirall Hermal, Almirall S.A., Chemische Fabrik Kreussler GmbH, Vifor Pharma Ltd., Ceumed, MCM. Klosterfrau Vertriebs GmbH,  Sanochemia Pharmazeutika AG, Vianex S.A., Divapharma GmbH, Cassella-med GmbH, OM Pharma, Laboratorio Farmaceutico SIT, GW Pharmaceuticals Ltd.